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The Bristol Siddeley Pegasus Aircraft Engine

Bristol Siddeley started designing the Pegasus in 1957 for the Hawker Siddeley Hawker P.1127/Kestrel VTOL test aircraft which first flew in 1960, this design evolved into the Hawker Harrier VTOL "jump jet" fighter bomber, although following a take-over all later engines were all produced by Rolls Royce plc. The Bristol Siddeley Pegasus is a unique turbofan engine which has four jet nozzles which can be rotated to vector thrust, this facilitates vertical take off and landing and produces a helicopter like manoeuvrability.

Bristol Siddeley Pegasus 103 Aircraft Engine


For take off and landings a water injection system is used to ensure the engine does not overheat during take off and landings where maximum power is required with virtually zero airspeed. When the us marines decided to add licence built Harriers in it's air-power arsenal, Rolls-Royce licensed Pratt & Whitney to produce the Pegasus for the American built aircraft, however, all engines used were eventually produced by Rolls Royce plc.

Rolls Royce Pegasus 11-61 Specifications:

  • Type: Twin-spool turbofan
  • Length: 137 in (3.480 m)
  • Diameter: 48 in (1.219 m)
  • Dry weight: 3,960 lb (1,796 kg)
  • Compressor: 3-stage low pressure, 8-stage high pressure axial flow
  • Combustors: Annular
  • Turbine: 2-stage high pressure, 2-stage low pressure
  • Maximum thrust: 23,800 lbf (106 kN)

RAF Technicians changing a Harrier's Pegasus engine in
a temporary hanger

This picture of RAF Technicians changing a BAe Harrier's Pegasus engine has been digitally re-mastered from a MOD picture, it therefore contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v2.0

RAF Technicians changing a Harrier's Pegasus engine

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Bristol Siddeley Pegasus Aircraft Engine picture and Specifications


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