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The de Havilland Ghost Aircraft Engine

The de Havilland Ghost was de Havilland's second Turbojet (jet engine) and was effectively a scaled up version of it's first engine, the de Havilland Goblin which had been designed by Frank Halford as the H1 (de Havilland bought Halford's firm and re-named it the de Havilland Engine Company and the H-1 and H-2 engines became the de Havilland Goblin and Ghost).

de Havilland Ghost Aircraft Engine


The Ghost first ran in September 1945 and has the distinction of powering the World's first jet airliner the de Havilland Comet in July 1949. It is of note that over a thousand de Havilland Ghost 50 engines were built under licence as the Svenska Flygmotor RM2 in Sweden to power the Saab Tunnan fighter.

Aircraft that were powered by the de Havilland Ghost

de Havilland Cometde Havilland Venom
de Havilland Sea VenomSaab Tunnan

de Havilland Ghost 50 Specifications:

  • Type: Single stage centrifugal compressor turbojet with ten combustion chambers

  • Length: 121 in

  • Diameter: 53 in

  • Dry weight: 2,218 lb

  • Combustors: 10 chambers

  • Fuel type: Kerosene

  • Maximum thrust: 5,000 lbf at 10,250 rpm

  • Specific fuel consumption: 1.02 lb/hr/lbf


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de Havilland Ghost Aircraft Engine picture and Specifications


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