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The Green C.4 Aircraft Engine

The Green C.4 aero-engine was a British four-cylinder inline water-cooled engine designed by Gustavus Green and produced by the Aster Engineering Company for the Green Engine Company. The Green C.4 first ran in 1908 and had a single overhead camshaft with two valves per cylinder all enclosed, magneto ignition and force-feed lubrication. Although the Green C.4 engine looked bulky it was surprisingly light for the era.

Green C.4 Aircraft Engine


The Green C.4 and Green D.4 were the only British aero engines capable of producing over 60hp when they were introduced in 1908 and were lightweight, in consequence they were an obvious choice for many early British racing planes.

Aircraft that were powered by the Green C.4 aero-engine

Aero Syndicate ValkyrieAvro Type IIAvro Type III
Avro Type IVAvro Type DAvro Baby
Blackburn MonoplaneHandley Page Type BHandley Page Type D
Hornstein biplaneMacfie EmpressMartin-Handasyde No.3
Neale VII biplaneShort S.24Short S.26
Short S.28Sopwith Burgess-WrightWells Reo

Green C.4 Performance:

  • Maximum power: 52.5 hp (39 kW) at 1,460 rpm

  • Specific power: 0.2 hp/cu in (9.37 kw/L)

  • Power-to-weight ratio: 0.28 hp/lb (0.46 kW/kg)

  • Green C.4 Specifications:

    • Type: Inline four cylinder with two valves per cylinder operated by a gear driven overhead camshaft

    • Bore: 4.13 in (105 mm)

    • Stroke: 4.73 in (120 mm)

    • Displacement: 253.44 cu in (4.158 L)

    • Length: 39 in (991 mm)

    • Width: 16 in (406 mm)

    • Height: 28 in (711 mm)

    • Dry weight: 184 lb (83 kg)

    • Fuel type: Petrol

    • Cooling system: Water-cooled

    • Reduction gear: Direct drive, right-hand tractor


    C.4 Green Aero Engine

    C.4 Green Aero engine

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    Green C.4 Aircraft Engine picture and Specifications


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