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The Maybach Mb.IV Aircraft Engine

The Maybach Mb.IV was a 240hp six cylinder water cooled aero-engine used to power Airships and aircraft, it was produced by Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH and designed by Karl Maybach During WW1. The engine pictured here is the standard 1915 Maybach Mb.IV aircraft engine, a high-altitude version (the world's purpose built high altitude aircraft engine) was produced in 1916 and designated the Maybach Mb.IVa.

Maybach Mb.IV Aircraft Engine


To overcome the lack of oxygen at elevated altitudes reachable by Zepplins the bore was increased to increase the volume of air inducted per stroke and over-compressed to allow for the air's relatively low density, in consequence the engine could not be used at low altitude at full throttle without risking significant damage to the engine.

Aircraft and Airships that were powered by the Maybach Mb.IV

Friedrichshafen G.VGotha G.VIIIGotha G.IX
Gotha WD.8Hansa-Brandenburg W.29Rumpler C.VII
Zeppelin LZ 105 to LZ 114Zeppelin-Lindau Rs.IIIZeppelin-Lindau Rs.IV
Zeppelin-Staaken R.VIZeppelin-Staaken R.XIVZeppelin-Staaken R.XV
Aero A.10Albatros L 58Heinkel HE 1
FVM S 21Fizir F1V-MaybachKawanishi K-7 Transport Seaplane

Maybach Mb.IVa Specifications:

  • Type: 6-cylinder inline liquid-cooled high altitude aircraft engine
  • Bore: 165 mm
  • Stroke: 180 mm
  • Displacement: 23.096 litre
  • Dry weight: 400 kg
  • Designer: Karl Maybach
  • Cooling system: water-cooled
  • Power output: 245 hp
  • Compression ratio: 6.08:1
  • Specific fuel consumption: 200g/PS/h

Maybach Mb.IV Blueprint


Maybach Mb.IV Blueprint

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Maybach Mb.IV Aircraft Engine picture and Specifications


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