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The Rolls Royce Derwent Aircraft Engine

The Rolls Royce Derwent was the second jet engine produced by Rolls Royce and was still firmly based on Sir Frank Whittle W.2B centrifugal compressor turbojet design. The Rolls Royce Derwent first ran in 1943 and was destined to be further developed into the Rolls-Royce Nene as well as the Rolls-Royce Trent RB.50, the World's first production turboprop engine. A reverse engineered Derwent V was built as the Klimov RD-500 by the Soviet Union and used to power the MiG-15 jet fighter.

Rolls Royce Derwent 8 Aircraft Engine


Aircraft that were powered by the Rolls Royce Derwent

Avro 707Avro Canada C102
Fairey DeltaFokker S.14 Machtrainer
Gloster MeteorNord 1601
FMA I.Ae. 27 Pulqui I 

Rolls Royce Derwent I Specifications:

  • Type: Single-stage dual-entry centrifugal compressor with two-sided impeller Turbojet
  • Length: 84 in (2,135 mm)
  • Diameter: 41.5 in (1,055 mm)
  • Dry weight: 975 lb (443 kg)
  • Combustors: 10 flow combustors with igniter plugs in chambers 3 and 10
  • Turbine: Single-stage axial flow with 54 blades
  • Fuel type: Aviation kerosene with 1% turbine oil
  • Oil system: 2.75 gal (12.5 L) capacity, circulation rate 215 gal/hr (976 L/hr)
  • Maximum inverted flying time 15 seconds

Rolls Royce Derwent I Maximum thrust:

  • 120 lbf (0.5 kN) at 6,000 rpm at idle.
  • 2,000 lbf (8.9 kN) at 16,500 rpm for takeoff
  • 1,550 lbf (6.9 kN) at 15,000 rpm for cruise
  • Rolls Royce Derwent I Fuel consumption:

  • 470 lb/hr (215 kg/hr) at idle
  • 1,820 lb/hr (830 kg/hr) at cruise power
  • 2,360 lb/hr (1,070 kg/hr) at maximum power
  • Oil consumption: 0.125 gal/hr (0.57 L/hr)

    Rolls Royce Derwent
    Mk.9 Engine

    Rolls Royce Derwent Mk.9 Engine

    Rolls Royce Derwent V
    Jet Engine

    Rolls Royce Derwent V Jet Engine

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    Rolls Royce Derwent Aircraft Engine picture and Specifications


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