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The Rolls Royce Gnome Aircraft Engine

The Gnome is a helicopter or turbo-prop free-turbine turbo-shaft engine developed by de Havilland using a General Electric T58, for which they had a production licence for, as a starting point. Since being first run in 1959 as the de Havilland Gnome, company take-overs have resulted in the engine also being marketed as the Bristol Siddeley Gnome between 1961 and 1966, and from 1966 to date, the Rolls Royce Gnome.

Rolls Royce Gnome Aircraft Engine


Helicopters powered by the Rolls Royce Gnome

Agusta A.101 helicopterAgustaBell AB204B helicopter
Agusta-Bell 205BG helicopterKawasaki KV-107 helicopter (Swedish Navy only)
Westland Whirlwind helicopterWestland Sea King har-5 helicopter
Westland Sea King hc-4 commando helicopterWestland Sea King helicopter
Westland Wessex hc-2 helicopterWestland Wessex hcc-4 helicopter

Rolls Royce Gnome H1400-1 Specifications:

  • Type: Free-turbine turbo-shaft
  • Length: 54.8 in (1392 mm)
  • Diameter: 22.7 in (577 mm)
  • Dry weight: 334 lb (151.5 kg)
  • Compressor: Ten-stage axial flow
  • Combustors: Annular
  • Turbine: Single-stage compressor turbine, two-stage power turbine
  • Maximum power output: 1,500 shp (1,119 kW)
  • Overall pressure ratio: 8.4:1
  • Power-to-weight ratio: 4.5 shp/lb

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Rolls Royce Gnome Aircraft Engine picture and Specifications


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