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The Svenska Flygmotor RM2 Aircraft Engine

Svenska Flygmotor, a company in which Volvo had been the majority share holder since 1941, built the RM2 turbojet to power the Saab J29 Tunnan, which proved to be an outstanding jet fighter, to meet the needs of the Flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force) in the early post WW2 era. Svenska Flygmotor purchased a licence to produce the British de Havilland Ghost 50 and produced the engine as the Svenska Flygmotor RM2, each engine produced resulting in a royalty being paid to de Havilland. The first RM2 flew in the Saab J29 Tunnan which entered military service with the Swedish air force in 1951.

Svenska Flygmotor RM2 Aircraft Engine


The Svenska Flygmotor RM2b pictured here is a version of the Svenska Flygmotor RM2 fitted with a in-house designed fully variable reheat (afterburner), the afterburner is fed fuel by a pump driven by a bleed-air turbine, the fuel is then fed to flame-holders integrated with the RM2b's burners, the result is that reheat fuel flow is governed variably as a function of the turbines pressure ratio. The worst problem the RM2 engine suffered in use was an unfortunate incident where a conscript was sucked into the engine intake and killed, fitting a screen to the air intake ensured this could never happen again.

Svenska Flygmotor RM2B Specifications:

  • Type: Single stage centrifugal compressor turbojet with ten combustion chambers and re-heat
  • Length: 121 in
  • Diameter: 53 in
  • Dry weight: 2,510 lb
  • Combustors: 10 chambers
  • Fuel type: Kerosene
  • Maximum thrust: 4,750 lbf at 10,250 rpm (with maximum re-heat 6,200 lb at 10,250 rpm)
  • Specific fuel consumption: 1.02 lb/hr/lbf

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Svenska Flygmotor RM2 Aircraft Engine picture and Specifications


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