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Avro Lancaster B I Bomber

The Avro Lancaster is the most famous of the British WW2 Heavy Bombers, it was developed designed by a team led by Roy Chadwick from the existing twin engine, under-powered, Avro Manchester. The prototype Avro Lancaster first flew on the 9th of January 1941 and it's first operational sortie with the RAF in it's original BI guise took place during mid 1942. By the end of Lancaster production, a total of 7,377 aircraft had been built in Britain and Canada.

RAF Avro Lancaster Bomber


It is of note that the Avro Lancaster was the delivery system of Barnes Wallis's 1944 super-sonic 12,000-lb Tallboy bomb used in Operation Crossbow against the VI underground factories, and the 22,000-lb Grand Slam "earthquake" bomb successfully used against German U-boat pens protected by 23 feet of reinforced concrete. The best known Barnes Wallis designed bomb for the Lancaster bomber was the famous "Bouncing Bomb" used in the attack on the Ruhr dams Mohne and Eder during May 1943, the mission was led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson (pictured below) who received the Victoria Cross as a result of this raid, later immortalised by the film "Dambusters".

The Avro Lancaster B1 PA474 pictured above was built in 1945 and stared in the film ‘The Guns of Navarone’, it joined the RAF's BBMF ‘Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’ in November 1973 and is the only British built Avro Lancaster still flying (one Canadian built Avro Lancaster MkX also remains airworthy).

Avro Lancaster B1 Specifications:
  • Crew: Pilot, navigator, flight engineer, wireless operator, bomb aimer/nose turret gunner, mid-upper gunner and rear gunner
  • Length: 69 ft 5 in (21.18 m)
  • Wingspan: 102 ft (31.09 m)
  • Height: 19 ft 7 in (5.97 m)
  • Wing area: 1,300 ft² (120 m²)
  • Empty weight: 36 828 lb (16,705 kg)        Loaded weight: 63,000 lb (29,000 kg)
  • Engines: Four 1,280 hp (954 kW) Rolls-Royce Merlin XX V12 engines
  • Maximum speed: 240 knots (280 mph, 450 km/h) at 15,000 ft (5,600 m)
  • Range: 2,700 NM (3,000 mi, 4,600 km) with minimal bomb load
  • Service ceiling 23,500 ft (8,160 m)

Wing Commander Guy Gibson

Wing Commander Guy Gibson

Lancaster Bomber
Avro Lancaster B1 Armament:
  • Guns: Eight 0.303 in (7.70 mm) Browning machine guns in triple turrets
  • Bombs: Maximum load of 22,000 lb (10,000 kg) (typical 14,000 lb)
  • Special Bomb: 12,000-lb "Tallboy" super-sonic bunker perertration bomb
  • Special Bomb: 22,000-lb "Grand Slam" earthquake bomb
  • Special Bomb: 9,250-lb "Upkeep" hydrostatically-fused dam-busting bouncing bomb

During WW2 Avro Lancasters dropped 608,612 tons of high explosives and in excess of 51 million incendiaries with an average combat life expectancy of approximately 21 sorties per aircraft (about 160 hours mission flight hours).


Avro Lancaster t1154 radio transmitter & r1155 radio receiver

t1154 transmitter & r1155 receiver
as used on the Avro Lancaster

RAF Lancaster Bomber WW2

The R1155 aircraft communications receiver, and it's associated T1154 transmitter, were developed from a Marconi design for RAF use in it's medium and heavy bomber aircraft.

One early notable problem with the  R1155 super-heterodyne radio communications receiver proved to be the unwanted reception of Radio Athlone, a Republic of Ireland national radio station, this could make the reception of any other signal impossible at some locations, this was due to the radios 560 khz intermediate frequency being the same as the radio stations transmitting frequency resulting in RF breakthrough in the IF stage.

Avro Lancaster Bomber Bomber Plane

The problem proved sufficiently serious to require two special "Athlone" filters to be designed and fitted.



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