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BAC TSR 2 Bomber Plane

The BAC TSR.2 was deigned to meet British Air Staff 1957 operational requirement GOR.339, which was for a a tactical strike and reconnaissance mach 2 capable aircraft (hence the designation TSR 2) to replace the English Electric Canberra by the end of 1964, the design had to be supersonic without re-heat (supercruise), and exceed Mach 2 with re-heat, the aircraft was to be flown by a crew of two, a pilot and navigator, with the necessary range to deliver tactical nuclear weapons and conventional weapons in to the USSR utilising in-flight refuelling.

BAC TSR 2 Bomber Plane


The first TSR.2 prototype rolled of the production line in March 1964, id did not fly until the end of September and when it did the undercarriage had to be left down due to unresolved design problems, this prohibited the aircraft from flying at anything but low speed.

The potentially superb TSR.2 was cancelled by the incoming Labour government in favour of the American General Dynamics F-111 in April 1965 as part of a controversial politically driven defence cutting program, to ensure the program could not be re-activated all plans and the Nine prototypes were ordered destroyed but fortunately two aircraft survived. The idea of the General Dynamics F-111 replacing the Canberra was scraped in 1968, the venerable English Electric Canberra continued to serve in the reconnaissance role until 2006!, the bomber role was temporarily filled with the Blackburn Buccaneer and Phantom F-4M's - these were based on the U.S. Navy's Phantom F-4J but fitted with British-made avionics and more powerful British Rolls-Royce RB.168 Mk 202 Spey engines, they were operated by the RAF as the Phantom FGR.2, these two aircraft filled the bomber/ground attack role until the variable-geometry winged Panavia Tornado entered RAF service in 1979.




BAC TSR.2 Specifications:

  • Crew: Pilot and Navigator
  • Engines: Twin Bristol Siddeley Olympus Mk.320
  • Wing Span: 11.28m
  • Length: 27.13m
  • Height: 7.32m
  • Maximum Weight: 34,500kg
  • Maximum Speed: 2185km/h
  • Maximum Range: 6860km

BAC TSR.2 Intended Armament:

  • Internally: Six 454kg conventional or nuclear bombs
  • Externally: Up-to 2,722kg of conventional or nuclear bombs

Prototype BAC TSR-22 Bomber

Prototype BAC TSR-22 Bomber

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