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BAE Harrier GR9 Bomber Plane

The Harrier GR9 is an avionics and weapons upgrade of the RAF's Harrier GR7. This upgrade, the Integrated Weapons Programme, allowed the Harrier to deliver the very latest in smart weapons as well as incorporating new inertial navigation and Global Positioning systems. The latest weapons added to the GR9 variants were the Brimstone, Maverick, Paveway III LGB and Paveway IV PGB missiles. When Harrier GR7a's were updated they were known as the Harrier GR9a's.  (the GR7a was a GR7 fitted with the more powerful Rolls-Royce Pegasus 107 engine)

BAE Harrier GR9 Bomber Plane

BAE Harrier GR9/9A Specifications:
BAE Harrier GR9/9A Armament:
  • AIM-9 Sidewinder (heat seeking short range air-to-air missile)
  • Maverick (air-to-ground tactical missile)
  • Paveway II (500 lb laser-guided bomb)
  • Paveway III (2000 lb laser-guided bomb)
  • Enhanced Paveway (GPS Aided Inertial Navigation System bomb)
  • 505kg or 312kg general purpose non-gided bombs
  • CRV-7w (modular rocket pod containing 16 unguided folding-fin ground attack rockets)

BAE Harrier GR9 VTOL
Fighter Bomber

BAE Harrier GR9 Fighter Bomber

The Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy were forced to retire their Harriers in December 2010 due to government cutbacks on military spending (the Royal Navy's aircraft carriers were disposed of as well at this time).

Seventy Two of the ex-RAF GR9 Harriers found a new home when they were sold in November 2011 to the United States Marine Corps who were already operating AV-8B Night Attack Harriers. It is of note that the Indian Navy still operates it's Harrier fleet.

BAE Harrier GR9 VTOL

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