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BAE Sea Harrier FRS51 Jet Fighter Plane

The Sea Harrier FRS51 is a version of the FRS.1 Sea Harrier fighter made for the Indian Navy, the first of 23 being delivered in 1983. The main difference between the FRS.1 Sea Harrier and the Sea Harrier FRS51 is that the latter was modified to carry the Matra R550 Magic air-to-air missile. The Indian Navy's Sea Harrier force has suffered attrition due to accidents over the decades they have operated the aircraft, but following modernisation of the remaining 16 FRS51's weapon caperbitity the Indian Navy has stated it's intention to operate Sea Harriers until 2020 although the decommissioning of the WW2 carrier Vikrant in 1997, India has no operational aircraft carriers.

BAE Sea Harrier FRS51 Jet Fighter Plane

Sea Harrier FRS51 Specifications:
  • Crew: Pilot only
  • Length: 47.57ft (14.50m)
  • Width: 25.26ft (7.70m)
  • Height: 12.17ft (3.71m)
  • Empty Weight: 14,054lbs (6,375kg)
  • Maximum take off weight: 26,191lbs (11,880kg)
  • Engine: Single 21,500 lbs thrust Rolls-Royce Pegasus Mk 104 turbofan
  • Maximum Speed: 736mph (1,185kmh; 640kts)
  • Service ceiling: 50,997ft (15,544m; 9.7miles)
  • Maximum Range: 466miles (750km)
  • Rate-of-Climb: 50,000ft/min (15,240m/min)

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BAE Sea Harrier FRS51 Jet Fighter Picture & Information


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