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North American F-86 Sabre Jet Fighter Plane

The prototype of the North American F-86 Sabre, the XP-86 made it's first flight on the 1st of October 1947 and entered service with the USAF two years later in 1949. The North American F-86 Sabre was the main US fighter during the Korean War where they were regularly engaged in combat with North Korean MiG 15's. The MiG 15 and the Sabre were fairly equal in overall performance but the US pilots had received more training than their North Korean counterparts who had had less time to acclimatise themselves to their MiG 15's potential.

North American F-86 Sabre Jet Fighter Plane


North American F-86A Sabre Armament:

  • Six 0.5 in (12.7 mm) machine guns
  • Eight 5 in (127 mm) unguided rockets (or)
  • 2,000 lb (900 kg) of bombs

North American F-86A Sabre Specifications:

  • Crew: Pilot only
  • Length: 37 ft 6 in (11.4 m)
  • Wingspan: 37 ft 1 in (11.3 m)
  • Height: 14 ft 8 in (4.5 m)
  • Maximum weight: 13,791 lb (6,300 kg)
  • Engine: Single 5,200 lbf (24 kN) General Electric J47 turbojet
  • Maximum speed: 685 mph (1,100 km/h)
  • Range: 1,200 miles (1,900 km)
  • Service ceiling: 49,000 ft (14,900 m)

USAF F-86 Sabre Fighter

USAF F-86 Sabre Fighter
The Messerschmitt Conection

It is interesting to note that the Sabre had design elements taken directly from a Messerschmitt ME 262 captured during WW2, the Sabre used the slat design of the Me 262 and the prototype XP-86 Sabre even used some actual Me 262 track parts! It is of note that the North American F-86 Sabre was also made under licence in Canada under the designation CL-13

North American Sabre

 F-86 Sabre Jet Fighter

 F-86 Sabre Jet Fighter
Indo-Pakistani War

In the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 the F-86 Sabre was destined to meet a new far smaller adversary, the British Folland Fo 141 Gnat, the F-86 Sabre was to prove to be an easy target for the Folland Gnat, in the first dogfight over East Pakistan in the Battle of Boyra 4 Folland Gnats downed 3 F-86 Sabres in a very short and decisive engagement.

Taiwan Airforce North American F-86F Sabre

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