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Saab J-35 Drakken Jet Fighter Plane

The Saab J-35 Drakken is a single seat interceptor jet fighter designed to be able to utilise roads and highways as runways, it is of note that the word Drakken is Swedish for Dragon. The Saab Drakken has seen service not only within the Swedish air-force, but several other European Air-forces including the Danish and Finish Air Forces and the Norwegian Air Force who chose the Saab J-35 Drakken in preference to ex Saudi Arabian English Electric Lightings and the Austrian Air Force who have operated this jet fighter interceptor type since 1985 as depicted in the picture below taken at Volkel AFB.

Saab J-35 Drakken Jet Fighter Plane


Saab J-35 Drakken Specifications:

Saab J-35 Drakken Armament:

  • Single wing root mounted 30 mm Aden Cannon
  • Twin Sidewinder air-to-air missiles
  • Twin Falcon air-to-air missiles

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Saab J-35 Drakken Jet Fighter Plane Picture & Information


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