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Avia S-199 Fighter Plane

The Avia S-199 was a post WW2 Messerschmitt Bf 109G clone produced in Czechoslovakia between 1947 and 1949, but powered by a Junkers Jumo 211 F instead of the original Daimler-Benz DB 605 engine, a total of 603 aircraft being produced. The primary user of the Avia S-199 was the Czechoslovakian Air Force, with twenty five second hand aircraft being later sold to the Israeli Air Force, the last operational aircraft being retired in 1957. It is of note that the choice of engine was based on availability rather than design and proved to be a severe hindrance to the Avia S-199.

Avia S-199 Fighter Plane


Avia S-199 Specifications:

  • Crew: Pilot only
  • Length: 8.94 m (29 ft 4 in)
  • Wingspan: 9.92 m (32 ft 6 in)
  • Height: 2.59 m (8 ft 6 in)
  • Empty weight: 2,650 kg (5,840 lb)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 3,740 kg (8,245 lb)
  • Engine: Single 1322 hp (986 kW) Junkers Jumo 211F liquid-cooled inverted V-12
  • Maximum speed: 590 km/h (320 kn, 370 mph)
  • Combat radius: 850 km (530 mi)
  • Service ceiling: 8,686 m (28,500 ft)
  • Rate of climb: 11 m/s (2,200 ft/min)


  • Twin 13 mm MG 131 machine guns
  • Twin MG 151/20 cannons
  • Single 250 kg (551 lb) bomb (or)
  • Four 70 kg (155 lb) bombs

The only time the Avia S-199 was used in battle was during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War when the Israelis fielded their fighters with some success against the military coalition of Arab states who attempted to invade Israel the day after the British Mandate over Palestine ended and Israel declared it's independence, this was more a result of pilot skill than aircraft design as the engine and propeller change severally reduced the fighters handleing and reliability and reduced it's top speed by 25 mph.


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