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Packard LUSAC-11 WW1 Fighter

LUSAC is an abbreviation of Le Pere United States Army Combat and it should come as no surprise that The French aeronautical engineer Captain Georges LePere designed the LUSAC-11 fighter in 1917 for the US Army Air Service and Packard built it. The LUSAC-11 was designed in response to the need to field an American built fighter against the axis powers in WW1 rather than rely on the British and French to supply aircraft to the American armed forces, the US government initially intended to order 3,525 LUSAC-11's but only 28 aircraft were ever built, a result of the Armistice in November 1918 and the resulting order cancellations.

Packard LUSAC-11 Fighter Plane


It is interesting to note that test pilot Lieutenant John A. Macready whilst engaged in a project for testing turbochargers set a world altitude record for an open cockpit aircraft in a modified LUSAC-11 of 40,800 ft on the 29th of September 1921.

Packard LUSAC-11 Specifications:

  • Maximum Weight: 3655 lb
  • Empty weight: 2468 lb
  • Wingspan: 41 ft 7-1/4 in
  • Length: 25 ft 3 in
  • Wing Area: 415.6 sq ft
  • Engine: 425 hp Liberty 12
  • Maximum Speed: 132 mph at sea level
  • Service ceiling: 23,000 ft

Packard LUSAC-11 Armament:

  • Twin .30-cal Marlin and machine guns
  • Twin .30-cal Lewis machine guns

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Packard LUSAC-11 WW1 Fighter Picture and Information


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