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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber Plane

The WW2 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, along with the Avro Lancaster, is one of the most famous bomber aircraft of all time. The first Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (Boeing Model 299) took to the air in mid 1935 although serious production only occurred with the onset of WW2, by the time production ceased in May 1945 a total of 12,726 of these superb bombers had rolled off America's production lines.

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber Plane


The Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress pictured in the above two pictures is 124485 (cn 8693) 'Sally-B' now registered as G-BEDF in the UK and a regular visitor to UK air-shows, she is the only airworthy B17 in the UK, the inner starboard engine cowl caries a yellow and black checker design in memory of Ted White who purchased the aircraft and brought her to the UK, Ted White was tragically killed in an air-crash in Malta whilst flying a Harvard with the same engine cowl design.

It is interesting to note that over 40 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress were captured relatively intact by German and Italian forces and were flown by the Luftwaffe to shadow American formations and various other clandestine operations, it is believed several of these were mistakenly shot down by German forces!

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Armament:

  • Thirteen defensive 50-cal. machine guns
  • Bomb load of up to 16,600 lbs.

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Specifications:

  • Crew: Normally 10
  • Span: 103 ft. 09 in.
  • Length: 74 ft. 4 in.
  • Height: 19 ft. 1 in.
  • Weight: 65,000 lbs. loaded
  • Engines: Four 1,200 hp. (895kw) Wright  R-1820 Cyclone radial engines
  • Maximum speed: 295 mph.
  • Cruising speed: 170 mph.
  • Range: 3,160 miles
  • Service Ceiling: 35,600 ft.

In 1985 'Sally-B' portrayed the aircraft 'Memphis Belle' in the film Memphis Belle along with four other Boeing B-17's.

Sally B is now based at the Imperial War Museum's Duxford Airdrome and owned and operated by "B-17 Charitable Trust" a registered UK charity.

If you would like to help keep 'Sally-B' flying you can make a donation to the trust here:

"B-17 Charitable Trust"

B-17G Flying Fortress Sally-B

The Liberty Foundation's B-17 commemorative "Liberty Belle" Flying Fortress pictured here was constructed from two damaged B-17 aircraft, she is pictured in England during her historic overseas flight in July 2008.

She was unfortunately lost on the 13th of June 2011, following an in-air engine fire and subsequent forced landing in a muddy field in Illinois, the severe mud stopped the local fire engines getting to her in time to contain the fire.

B-17 Flying Ffortress Bomber

Pink Lady is the last surviving B-17 Flying Fortress to have seen action during World War II in Europe still airworthy, she flew six missions over Germany in early 1945.

Pink Lady, F-AZDX, is currently based in Cerny-La Ferté Alais France, she is pictured here in 2008 at Duxford airfield in England.

B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber

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