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AgustaWestland A109Agusta Westland Merlin HM mk1Agusta Westland Merlin HC.3
AgustaWestland A109AgustaWestland Merlin HM1AgustaWestland Merlin HC.3



AgustaWestland AW159 Lynx WildcatAgusta AB 212Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck 
AgustaWestland Lynx WildcatAgusta AB 212  


Bell UH-1N HueyBoeing CH-46 Sea KnightBoeing Apache AH-64RAF Boeing HC2 Chinook
Bell UH-1N Iroquois "Huey"Boeing CH-46 Sea KnightBoeing Apache AH-64RAF Boeing CH2 Chinook


boeing-ch-47-chinookBristol SycamoreBristol type 192 BelvedereAvro Canada CF-100 Canuck
Boeing CH-47 ChinookBristol Sycamore HelicopterBristol Type 192 Belvedere 


Kaman HH-43 HuskieKamov Ka-27 Helix Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck
Kaman HH-43 HuskieKamov Ka-27 Helix  



Lockheed Martin US-101 VH-71 KestrelAvro Canada CF-100 Canuck 
Lockheed Martin US-101   


Saro Skeeter AOP-12Schweizer 300cbSikorsky R-4B HoverflySikorsky R-6A Hoverfly II
Saro Skeeter AOP-12 HelicopterSchweizer 300cbSikorsky R-4B HoverflySikorsky R-6A Hoverfly II


Sikorsky HH-60G Pave HawkSikorsky CH-53E Super StallionSikorsky MH-53M Pave LowSikorsky S-61
Sikorsky HH-60G Pave HawkSikorsky CH-53E Super StallionSikorsky MH-53M Pave LowSikorsky S-61


Sikorsky UH-19B ChickasawSikorsky H-5Sud-Est AlouetteAvro Canada CF-100 Canuck
Sikorsky UH-19B ChickasawSikorsky H-5 DragonflySud-Est SE.3130 Alouette 


Vertol CH-21B WorkhorseAvro Canada CF-100 Canuck 
Vertol CH-21B Workhorse   


Westland WhirlwindWestland ScoutWestland Wessex HC-2Westland Puma HC Mk.1
Westland Whirlwind HAR 10Westland Scout AH.1 HelicopterWestland Wessex HC-2Westland Puma HC Mk.1


Westland WG-13 Lynx HAS3SWestland LynxWestland Super Lynx HMA.8Royal Navy Westland Lynx
Westland WG-13 Lynx HAS3SWestland Lynx HA.7 HelicopterWestland Super Lynx HMA.8Westland Lynx HMA.8SRU


Westland AH-1 ApacheWestland Sea KingWestland Sea King HAR5 SARWestland Sea King HC.4
Westland AH-1 ApacheWestland Sea King HelicopterWestland Sea King HAR5Westland Sea King HC.4


Westland Sea King Mk7Westland Wasp HAS Helicopter Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck
Westland Sea King Mk7Westland Wasp HAS Helicopter  

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