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Panavia Tornado F3 Jet Fighter Plane

The Panavia Tornado variable wing geometry range of fighters were developed and built jointly by a tri-nation consortium consisting of British Aerospace, MBB of Germany, and Alenia Aeronautica of Italy. The first deliveries of Tornado F3's were made to the RAF in 1986, the Tornado F3 soon replaced the ageing Lightning F.6 and Phantom FGR2 fighters in their air defence role. It is of note that in order a carry four missiles in recesses in the fuselarge the airframe had to be made several feet longer than the ground attack version of the aircraft the Panavia Tornado GR4.

Panavia Tornado F3 Jet Fighter Plane


Panavia Tornado F3 Armament:

  • Twin 27mm IWKA-Mauser cannon
  • Four Sky Flash or AIM-120 AMRAAM medium range air-to-air missiles
  • Four AIM-9L Sidewinder or ASRAAM short-range air-to-air missiles

Panavia Tornado F3 Specifications:

  • Crew: Pilot and Weapons Systems Operator
  • Length: 61ft 3in (18.68m)
  • Wingspan: 45ft 7in (13.90m) at 17 sweep; 28ft 2in (8.60m) at 68 sweep
  • Maximum Weight: 61,700lb (27,987kg)
  • Engines: Two Turbo-Union RB199 Jet Engines
  • Top Speed: 1,452mph (2,337km/h) at 40,000ft (12,492m)
  • Service Ceiling: 70,000ft (21,335ft)
RAF Tornado F3 replacement

The seventy five Tornado F3's which had still been operational with the RAF were replaced by the Typhoon F1 in 31 Mar 2011. The F3's have been designated as spares to for the RAF's Tornado GR4 all weather attack aircraft which will remain in service.

Tornado Jet Fighter

Panavia Tornado F3 Jet
Fighter in low speed

Panavia Tornado F3 Jet Fighter

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Panavia Tornado F3 Jet Fighter Plane Picture & Information


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